What’s next?


The hardest thing – among many difficult aspects – when working within a flow can be in the way we confront the tangle of expectations and predictions tempting us away from where we are into fictions and fantasies. The same old thing, tomorrows and yesterdays. The past and the future.

It’s hard not to ask, “What’s next?”

Uncertainty is uncomfortable, especially when we face it alone, in a seeming void.

The trouble is, once this question intrudes we are not attending to what’s now. This constricts our prospects of what might come next right at the moment we are most concerned with having things turn out better.

Strange to think that the best response to “What’s next?” Is to focus on what is now.

Focus. Attention. Awareness. These are all terms we toss around when attempting to look at how we perceive. Strange tools for a strange business, an illusion of consciousness residing within a bag of skin attempting to see how it sees while limited to senses that are, well, all we have to see with!

It’s part of the reason we need to hold these – and any conceptualizations, models, maps – loosely to hand. Why these conversations titled as Dialogues require a certain lightness of touch. A generosity of spirit that allows room for the inevitable gaps between what we think we are doing/saying, and what it looks like to another.

Unless we’re able to trust each other – in a way actually trusting our selves? Trusting that the Tacit, as Bohm put it, will makes itself felt if we can let go of a judgmental attitude, a habit of defensiveness established during a lifetime trapped in negotiations – we risk collapsing any dialogue just as it is beginning.

One of the most unusual aspects of this kind of conversation can be the way we combine an openness to hearing what we might find in what the other participants are saying with an uncensored willingness to respond without malice but with what may seem to be a reckless tactlessness.

One of the reasons it’s important to practice dialogue, what makes it a daunting endeavor to attempt is so that we can develop a familiarity and comfort within this peculiar inter-personal zone.

What’s next?

Don’t know.

What’s now?

Looking to see who shows up!

We’re at an awkward point here. The first blush fading. Key participants caught in other commitments for the time being…. Old habits, as always, attempting to heal over the disruption of routine imposed by this new activity.

Maybe it’s not so much a question of what’s next as it is a hope that we can weather this transition.

If we look at any aspect of life, this does tend to be the point at which new initiatives are most likely to fall away. Not fail, so much as never really coming to be. It’s a time of vulnerability.

That can be good! It’s a time of opportunity. A time when even a small input from an unexpected corner can have a major impact.

I don’t know what’s next.

Maybe you have an idea?

If you’d like to join our preliminary sessions. Let us know:



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