Cross-post from Horizons of Significance: Contempt

Summer has struck, though for us here in Southern New England it has been mercifully cool so far. The centripetal forces of this season have had their affect on our little band. It has become difficult to gather us around the circle for a number of weeks now and it may be time to just announce a hiatus until the first premonitions of Autumn in early September.

I may be able to post something here occasionally before then. For today, I’m repaying the way I’ve tended to ignore the call to write for Horizons of Significance as I followed the urges to get this site up and running by posting a link here to a new post on that site: Contempt.

I’d also like to urge anyone who has taken up reading here to consider following that site. It has been my major outlet for the essays that led to this circle’s creation, after all.

While we ease-off for a while, and take-up opportunities to get outside and have non-virtual adventures, I hope that some of our other contributors consider this as a chance to get a word in edgewise. I look forward to reading anything they might like to post!

In the meantime, enjoy the season – wherever you are – and keep an eye out for further developments!



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