Quality does not scale

Dealing with expectations, we’re always confronted by them. They are coupled to, if not driven by habit, by conditioning. It’s here in our intention to have weekly conversations.

Intention is how we aim attention. Judgment intersects with perception. Intention sets the stage for action. But, we are drawn back into incoherence when we expect intention to have weight.

“Of course intention has weight, have I no will?”

Ah, yes, but….

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Initiation Into the Subtle, an Approach to Quality


I’ve typed the title of this post. It is a concentration of four recent and current preoccupations made in the hope that something will come of attending to them in common. These phrases – a sentence is left implicit, waiting to be discovered – lay out a series of relationships. Initiation is a starting place, a premise? The Subtle is named. It has the place of a center from which to move, outward? An Approach qualifies any potential action as a kind of action that holds to attitudes developed within a practice as opposed to those demanded by a goal-driven agenda. And Quality is placed as an object towards which this incantation is aimed. Quality hangs over the whole. Quality is somehow related to the Subtle.

Stepping stones….

That’s misleading. Stepping stones imply that the effort is intended to get us from this side of the stream to the other. That our goal is somewhere beyond. A fault/trap of language, one of so many. Why we need to enter into riddles….

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